This is Alex Patrick Burley's perspective in the language of music.

David performed music excellently on the Lyre (kinnor) which is a small harp for King Saul. 

He played the instrument and composed from his heart. 

1 Samuel 16:14

Music is a form of art and an international language of communication through the Spirit. 

It brings joy, freedom, celebration and peace. 

Wise kings wanted court music for reflection, meditation with the hope of direction.

Court musicians composed and performed music for this motivation. 

 Many people felt privileged to be a part of the court to hear the music. 

Life and times have changed.

The truth still remains to perform with PASSION, SKILL, and MOTIVATION.

Alex performs and composes music for the King of kings 

and anyone in His court.

The Creator, the Son, and the Spirit of Truth 

gave me the passion and skills in musical expression. 

The Trinity allowed me to be a student in music. 

King's Court is  a place-not to just record music, but rather a place to inspire as an escape where emotions will evoke the creation of composition . 


Art is supposed to be shared.  I believe an Artist is defined as (obviously) -

One who CREATES art, but is willing to share it with others, open to criticism.

This is what helps define his abilities and challenges him to be better than average.

He must be willing to explore, innovate, develop, and complete a piece. The time it takes to develop a work is up to the Artist, but he should not hide his work in fear of the Critics and yes "you are your worse critic".

 So I say- get over yourself and share your "art". This will make you greater for it.

Art, music, film, books, are subjective. An artist may attain to be recognized. Some want to be realized by the masses, some by their peers, and yes some don't care.

Some artists think that their "Master pieces" are never going to be appreciated.

I define recorded music as PRODUCT. Heart-felt product, but it still is product. A commodity to be sold, shared, given away-whatever. It still is product. The quality is up to you and what you intend to do with it is entirely up to you.

My goal as an engineer is to capture the audio as true to the quality of an ever-changing standard as well as to interject ideas if welcomed as I am also a producer.

The bottom line is this... for now because I'll change...I want to surround myself with inspired, dedicated and committed musicians-Artists. I want to record works of Art.

My goal is to provide an atmosphere where an artist will capture the heart of their works and complete the task so they can move to the next step...sharing their art.

You can record anywhere, with anyone, anything. I want to provide the tools in an inspiring facility for artist to create so they may share.

Alex Burley ~ Owner/Engineer