Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies that I have performed varied drastically concerning time, song choices, guest arrivals, parking, time needed for walking, kid involvements, delays, and weather for the outdoor events.

Detailed information is required regarding the ceremony.

Planning ahead:

1. A ceremony rehearsal is ideal.

2. AC electrical power is needed for my piano. The location and position must be carefully considered. I must be able to see the procession.

3. Am I required to wear formal attire?

4.  I need to know who directs the event on the day.

5. Choosing the correct music with timing for the procession is necessary.


***All Song Choices***

 It can take from 2 to 16 songs to seat the relatives and allow for possible delays.

***Audio Sound System***

The size of the sound system required will vary according to the size of the audience and the venue. Proper planning will result in providing correctly for your event.

I must have vehicle transportation access and adequate time to set up before the event.

I do not supply an audio system with a wireless microphone for the preacher, minister for the ceremony service.

***Indoor or outdoor because of the weather***

 Weather must always be considered and a tent or tarp provided and assembled in place if there should be any possibility of rain. Repositioning

of the sound system and piano during the event is not always a viable option due to power access and visibility etc. Damage to equipment may then add unforeseen expenses to your budget.

Is additional insurance required by the venue or is damage to equipment covered in their policy?

Because of these costs, 

I no longer DJ receptions.